• Selective Laser Sintering(SLS)

    Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) uses a laser to sinter powder based materials together, layer-by-layer, to form a solid model. The system consists of a laser, part chamber, and control system.


    The part chamber consists of a build platform, powder cartridge, and leveling roller. A thin layer of build material is spread across the platform where the laser traces a two-dimensional cross section of the part, sintering the material together. The platform then descends a layer thickness and the leveling roller pushes material from the powder cartridge across the build platform, where the next cross section is sintered to the previous. This continues until the part is completed.


    Once the model is complete, it is removed from the part chamber and finished by removing any loose material and smoothing the visible surfaces.


    SLS Highlights

    *Ideal for durable, functional parts with a variety of applications. Capable of producing snap fits and living hinges.

    *Good Choice for high-heat & chemically resistant applications.

    *Feature Size: Minimum wall section or feature is recommended not to be smaller than 1mm. If you have any Ribs, Bosses, Lettering or wall sections less than recommend size, may not form at all.

    *Layer Thickness: Generally SLS parts are made with 0.15 to 0.2 mm layer thickness depends upon the material used


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