CNC Machining is the process by which material is removed from a workpiece with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment that cuts away unwanted material.


    Machining is possible on virtually any material. Parts are machined directly from your 3D CAD models.


    Why select the CNC Machined Part process? When you need to hold tight tolerance and when you MUST have your parts in a specific material, such as the production plastic or metal.


    CNC Machining Highlights


    - Machine virtually any material that is commercially available in stock sizes. A wide variety of plastic and metal material options

    -Suitable for accurate and highly finished parts.

    -Economical for small to medium number of parts that require wide range of operations to be performed.

    -The cost can be cheaper than even rapid prototypes, depending on the geometry.

    - CNC machining could be very effective even for a single job, if part is complicated and requires lot of different operations, if done manually.



    -Need to spend considerable time for programming and checking before actual machining.

    -Sharp corners are not possible due to cutter radius which need to be sharpened by secondary operation if required.

    -Undercuts are not possible to machine in single setup as opposed to most of RP processes.

    -Deep and narrow pockets/slots may not be possible due to cutter size constrains.

    -May need secondary finishing operation to obtain smooth surface and remove the cutter marks.

    *Feature Size: CNC friendly parts should have some radius on all internal corners. Deep and narrow pockets should be avoided because of small cutters can't machine deep pockets.

    *Price Factor: It's always cheaper and quicker to do 2D machining compared to 3D machining. For example part with tapered walls and angular base takes much longer to machine and program than straight vertical walls and flat base.

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