The vacuum casting of polyurethane into silicone rubber moulds allows for an extended prototyping service.


    Usually we make a master model by SL and then apply whatever surface finish is needed to the master model. We then pour liquid silicone rubber around the master model in casting box. Once cured we split the silicone rubber mould and we can use it to cast up to 20 PU parts per silicone mould.


    VC parts have material properties similar to production-like plastics. It is possible to make these parts appear just like hard tooled plastic parts through surface finish, color, accuracy, and material properties.


    Cast Urethanes are ideal for marketing samples, test prototypes, or other situations where 1-100 pieces are required, but time and money do not allow a prototype injection-molded tool to be produced


    Vacuum Casting Highlights:

    * Cast Urethane Process: SLA Master Pattern, Finishing, RTV Tool, Cast Urethane, Final Cleanup

    *Ideal for pre production release of parts(1 -100pcs) for marketing samples Advertisement, Functional testing or Exhibition display purpose.

    * Large variety of urethane materials available to mimic the injection moulded materials ranging from soft rubber grades to hard plastics

    *Feature Size: Minimum wall section or feature is recommended not to be smaller than 0.8mm. Recommended size is above 1mm

    * Price Factor: Generally 20 pcs can be made from single mould so multiple of 20 can give you better pricing to cover up the silicon mould cost. E.G. Qty 20 or 40 has better pricing per piece than 30 or 50 pcs.

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